3 Cannabis Stocks To Watch In September

There is no doubt that the cannabis industry has grown at a remarkable pace over the past few years and while there has been difficulties there have also been plenty of options for investors.

There are now plenty of companies working on different aspects of the cannabis industry and hence, one can often decide to go look into companies beyond the usual suspects. Here is a quick look at three cannabis companies that could be worth looking into at this point.

1. MariMed (OTC:MRMD)

There are many multi-state operators in the cannabis industry in the United States and many of them are struggling for various reasons, but one company that is holding its down despite having a considerably smaller operation is MariMed. Instead of trying to set up operations in as many states as possible, the company has decided to grow its operations in only five states and at this point it has seven active dispensaries.

That being said, MariMed is currently in the process of constructing three more dispensaries. While its presence maybe modest when compared to some of the other multi-state operators, it helps the company in growing stealthily and at the same time save costs as well as exposure. The MariMed stock could be one to watch out for investors.

2. Village Farms International (NASDAQ:VFF)

Village Farms International may be well known for its work as a tomato grower but at the same time, it should be noted that not too long ago the company pivoted into the cannabis cultivation space. The company has expertise going back decades in indoor cultivation and hence, it has used that expertise to get into the cannabis cultivation business through its subsidiary company Pure Sunfarms.

The company has managed to steadily raise the volume of cannabis that it has sold in recent quarters and has emerged as a company to watch closely.

3. GrowGeneration (NASDAQ:GRWG)

It is perhaps a fair assumption that in the long term the cannabis industry is going to grow and hence, it might be a good idea for investors to look at companies which might help in that growth. That brings us to GrowGeneration, which is engaged with supplying gardening and hydroponics equipment to many cannabis companies.

Not too long ago, the company acquired Commercial Grow Supply and that helped the company in expanding its presence to the lucrative market of Southern California.