3 Renewable Energy Stocks for Value Buyers

The renewable energy sector has emerged as a sector of great interest for policymakers as well as investors and hence, it is perhaps no surprise that the sector has also managed to clock significant gains. However, the renewable energy industry is still relatively nascent and hence the opportunity for growth could still be massive. If you are just starting out with investments in the sector then you could consider tracking the following three stocks.

1 Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE)

If you have a long-term window in mind then it might be time to consider tracking the Bloom Energy stock. At the end of the day, the sector is still a new one and investors need to have a sufficient window within which the company could grow.

Bloom Energy is involved in the fuel cell space and has quickly emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The company has primarily been known for the use of biofuels and natural gas in its batteries. However, in the future, Bloom Energy could move into hydrogen fuel and become part of the hydrogen ecosystem. It has made steady progress in recent times and managed to grow both its revenues as well as gross margins.

2 QuantumScape (NYSE:QS)

When it comes to investing in a new sector, there is always going to be an element of risk but at the same time the rewards could be enormous as well. With that in mind, it might be a good move to perhaps consider adding the QuantumScape stock to your watch list.

The company is working in the rapidly growing electric vehicle battery space. It is working on the development of solid state lithium metal batteries and experts believe it could be a significant improvement on the batteries which are in operation currently.

3 TPI Composites (NASDAQ:TPIC)

The renewable sector is not only about electric vehicles and batteries. Wind energy is also an important part of the sector and TPI Composites is a stock that could be worth looking into.

The company is involved in the development of wind turbine blades which are then used by original equipment manufacturers or OEMs which are involved with the sector. It is a stock worth looking into because it is among the few pure play wind energy stock from among mid cap stocks.

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