3 Stocks That Can Value Buying This Year

In the first week of another year, investors are almost certainly going to be on the hunt for stocks that could help them in garnering significant gains. There are certainly plenty of options that one could look into but ultimately it is always a good idea to possibly narrow down the number of choices. Here is a look at three stocks that one can look into for possibly getting handsome returns in 2022.


The iconic footwear brand may have gone through a pretty hard time some years ago, but over the course of the past three years, the situation has changed quite dramatically for Crocs. There have been ups and downs and the footwear often went out of fashion, but in the past three years, the company has managed to record double-digit growth each year.

As a matter of fact, in the first three quarters of 2021, Crocs had recorded growth of a staggering 77%. The major reason behind the staggering growth in recent times is the rising demand for its slippers at a time when more and more people stayed home. Although it is true that growth is expected to the cool off, the company has projected growth of 20% for this year.

2 Ford (NYSE:F)

The next stock that you could add to your watch list is that of the automobile manufacturing giant Ford. In 2021, the Ford stock emerged as one of the biggest gainers in the sector and managed to deliver gains of as much as 137% through the course of the year. There had been doubts about the long-term prospects of the company owing to the growing popularity of electric vehicles.

However, the decision from the company to move into the electric vehicles space seems to have come as the source of excitement among investors. Analysts have suggested that Ford could grow its revenues at double digits in 2022 and that could only be a good thing for the stock, considering the fact that the company has not recorded such growth since 2013.

3 Dick’s Sporting Goods (NYSE:DKS)

Over the course of the past year Dick’s Sporting Goods has seen its stock record gains of more than 100% but despite that, the stocks is still valued quite cheaply. A new vision from the management has made it possible for the company’s superstores to hold their own against online options.

As a results it has been possible for the company to generate record-breaking profits in recent quarters and has been beating profit estimates from analysts hands down consistently.