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Hot Stocks Review was launched to pay homage to one of the classic newsletter promoters of the 90’s – George Chelekis.  Mr. Chelekis, at the dawn of the Internet, saw an opportunity to enter the penny stock game by launching Hot Stocks Review – and it went on to become wildly popular among North American penny stock players, brokers, analysts and eventually regulators.

At his apex, nobody really knew how many subscribers he had – he was able to aggressively move stocks upwards with the flick of the SEND button on a well crafted newsletter which thousands of novice investors eagerly awaited daily.

What attracted thousands to his newsletter was his ability to enthusiastically scour the underbelly of the Vancouver stock promotion scheme and expose the cheats, cheaters, liars, and how brokers, insiders and stealthy promoters worked together to fleece the public – over, and over, and over again.

The great irony here is that Mr. Chelekis, as much as he was doing the average investor a service by exposing the scam, was also in some ways a part of it – receiving payments for pumping stocks through his newsletter, without properly disclosing them.

Eventually the regulators caught up to him and shut it down, but not before there was a massive transference of wealth from the average investor into the pockets of Vancouvers biggest promoters and brokers.

The SEC charged that Chelekis did not disclose in his Hot Stock publications that he and his companies had been paid over $1 million from more than 100 stock issuers, as well as 275,500 shares of stock from 10 stock issuers, in exchange for favorable recommendations. Under the settlement, Chelekis and his companies paid $162,727 in penalties, interest and disgorgement.

Well… that’s all history. We’re in the roaring 2000’s and the landscape has changed dramatically.

Social media has made every joe blow an expert in penny stock investing, and Twitter has blown up with pumpers, dumpers, shills and trolls.

Hot Stocks Review is going to resurrect the sweet spot, the delicious sizzle behind the steak, talking about hot stock plays before they become hot stock plays, and commenting on what’s already rocking and rolling.

From time to time we will present feature reports from sponsored companies, with full disclosure.  While we do our best to feature companies we feel are worth your time, we make no guarantees as to their future performance (see Disclaimer)

Enjoy the site, and lift a glass to Mr. Chelekis, where ever he may be.

Good trading!