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There are over 100,000 unique public companies on the stock market in North America.

But only a few companies are real winners, both for investors and the value they create.

Hot Stocks Review was launched with one purpose, to find these real winners and educate our audience on their potential.

Social media has made every joe blow an expert in penny stock investing, and Twitter has blown up with pumpers, dumpers, shills and trolls.

Hot Stocks Review is going to resurrect the sweet spot, the delicious sizzle behind the steak, talking about hot stock plays before they become hot stock plays, and commenting on what’s already rocking and rolling.

Our team has a combined 60+ years in the capital markets and investing in the North American Markets.

From time to time we will present feature reports from sponsored companies, with full disclosure. While we do our best to feature companies we feel are worth your time, we make no guarantees as to their future performance (see Disclaimer)

Good trading!

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