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HSR Stock Profiles Disclaimer

HSR is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer. The information contained on this site is not, is not intended to be, and shall not constitute, an offer to sell nor the solicitation of any offer to buy any security. The information presented on this site is provided for informational purposes only and is not to be treated as advice to make any specific investment or for use in any investment decision. Please consult with an independent investment advisor before making an investment decision. Neither HSR nor its officers, directors, partners, consultants nor anyone involved in this site is a registered investment adviser or broker-dealer or associated person of an investment adviser or broker-dealer and none of the foregoing make any recommendation that the purchase or sale of securities of any company profiled on this site is suitable or advisable for any person or that an investment or transaction in such securities will be profitable. Past performance of profiled securities is not indicative of future results. Companies profiled on this site may lack an active trading market for their securities and investing in securities that lack an active trading market or trade on certain media, platforms and markets are deemed highly speculative and carry a high degree of risk. Anyone investing in such companies should be able financially and prepared to bear the risk of loss and actual loss of his or her entire investment.

Compensation Disclosure

From time to time, the HSR website provides readers with information regarding publicly traded companies that have retained HSR to provide advertising, branding, marketing, analytics and news distribution services on their behalf. HSR receives compensation from the companies in the form of cash. Such compensation may create an actual or potential conflict of interest. In addition, to the extent that parties, including the companies discussed, investors or others, further disseminate content or other statements provided by HSR, such parties operate outside of HSR’s control and such further dissemination is without the permission and authority of HSR. Such further dissemination may not be accompanied by appropriate disclaimers or other disclosures, and HSR assumes no responsibility for and expressly disclaims responsibility for any such statements, omissions or dissemination.

Because HSR receives compensation for disseminating information or may own securities in companies identified on this website, we may have a conflict of interest in terms of disseminating information about the companies that retain us. Readers should consider this in reaching their independent decision as to how to use the information contained in the HSR website.

It is the practice of HSR to sell all securities received as compensation upon the expiration of the applicable holding period as set forth generally in Rule 144 under the Securities Act of 1933 (Rule 144), notwithstanding the fact that HSR may be advertising or distributing materials on such securities and their issuers at the time of the sale of such securities. More generally, HSR may sell any securities that it holds at any time that it legally may do so, as it deems appropriate.

In addition, writers and editors who provide or review content contained on HSR’s website may buy, sell or maintain positions in securities of the companies discussed on HSR’s website. Such trading, which necessarily reflects an individual’s personal resources and financial condition, may be inconsistent with statements on HSR’s website. HSR assumes no responsibility for and expressly disclaims responsibility for any statements or omissions about compensation to all writers and editors who provide or review content.

Risk Warnings

The content published on this website is intended for and only to be used for reference purposes and is neither an offer nor a solicitation to purchase or sell any security or instrument or to participate in any particular trading strategy. None of the information provided through this website constitutes advice or a recommendation that any investment or trading strategy is suitable for any person. Further, users of this website agree that they are not using any content of this website in or in connection with an investment decision. Persons should consult with their financial advisers before making any investment decisions.

THERE CAN BE NO ASSURANCE THAT THE CONTENT PUBLISHED ON THIS SITE IS ACCURATE OR WITHOUT ERROR. ANY PERSON WHO MAKES USE OF SUCH CONTENT EXPRESSLY ASSUMES ALL RISKS FROM USING THE CONTENT. In particular, HSR does not guarantee it reviews, and is not responsible for confirming, the accuracy of issuer documents and information submitted for inclusion on this site. The issuer and its management are primarily responsible for the accuracy of any information regarding the issuer provided on this site. The issuers are the publishers of all information provided by the issuers available on this site. INVESTORS ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO CONFIRM THE ACCURACY OF ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED FROM THIS SITE PRIOR TO MAKING ANY INVESTMENT DECISION.

OTC Risk Warnings

Because many securities traded Over-The-Counter (OTC) are relatively illiquid, or “thinly traded,” which tends to increase volatility in market prices, an investment in an OTC security involves a high degree of risk. These speculative and illiquid securities are often difficult for investors to buy or sell without significantly affecting the quoted price. It should be noted that the liquidation of a position in an OTC security may not even be possible within a reasonable period of time.

Dependable information regarding issuers of OTC securities, their prospects, or the risks associated with the business of any particular issuer or an investment in the issuer’s securities may not be available. For this reason, it may be difficult to properly value an investment in an OTC security or accurately determine the risks involved with investing in such a security. For more information about investing in microcap securities, please read the content on the SEC’s website, including the SEC’s investor publication titled “Microcap Stock: A Guide for Investors” available at https://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/microcapstock.htm

Issuers of OTC securities quoted on the OTC Link system are not required to provide any kind of information to investors. While many issuers register OTC securities with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and regularly provide reports to investors in connection with such registration, they are not required to continue such registration or regularly provide such reports because their securities are quoted on OTC Link. Securities may continue to be quoted on the OTC Link system if issuers are delinquent in their reporting obligation to the SEC or other federal or state regulatory agencies. Quotation of a security on the OTC Link system or the Yellow Sheets does not in itself create any ongoing filing or reporting obligations with the SEC for any issuer. In fact, issuers may not even be aware that their securities are quoted on the OTC Link system.