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Microcap Stock ANON Is Grabbing Market Share With Privacy-Focused AI Apps

20 Second Overview

  • The AI sector has been experiencing blistering growth and billions of dollars are pouring into it’s continued expansion.
  • Retail investors cannot invest in high growth AI start-ups as all of the action is limited to Venture Capital and large caps.
  • Using ChatGPT, Bard and hundreds of other A.I. content-creation opens users and corporations to major privacy and data-breach concerns.
  • Anonymous Intelligence Company (CSE: ANON) (OTC: ANISF), a microcap AI start-up, has unveiled a suite of privacy focused Enterprise-grade AI platforms with a highly scalable SaaS revenue model.

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last six months, you will have seen that artificial intelligence apps, websites and platforms have taken over the Internet, while creating an incredible amount of wealth for investors who were swift enough to hop on this rocket ride early.

The problem for retail investors is that most of the action has been limited to venture capital or large caps, with very few publicly traded start-ups participating in this technological “gold rush”.

First a little primer for the newbies, on how quickly the AI market is evolving.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT set the record for fastest-growing user base in history, gathering an astounding 100 million monthly active users in just two months[1].

Microsoft popped an additional $10 billion into OpenAI to harness this unheard of success. [2]

In the first quarter alone this year, generative AI startups raked in about $1.7 billion in VC funding vs $250 million in the same QTR three years ago.

The AI hype is REAL, we are in early innings. There are huge profits to be made and the race is on.

However, privacy is a major concern among users and corporations. Gizmodo reported on June 15th “Alphabet Inc. advised employees not to enter confidential information into chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s own Bard over fears of leaks.”

This is where Anonymous Intelligence Company fills a significant gap in the race for market share in the world of AI.

Read on, as this microcap startup is a stock we think every speculator should be paying attention to.

Anonymous Intelligence Company (CSE: ANON) (OTC: ANISF).
Website: https://www.anonintelco.com/

It’s a fast growing microcap stock whose market cap is hovering below $20 million (CAD), yet ANON has launched multiple platforms, each carrying potential to catapult the company into major revenue streams.

In fact, when they announced on June 9th their newly launched Turminal.ai enterprise-grade privacy focused AI curation app hit over 7,000 beta-test user sign ups in a week, the stock traded a record breaking 11.7 million shares.

On June 28th, the company announced the beta waitlist was up to 37,000 users!

The market has an appetite for fresh, cutting edge AI-driven ideas so it may be worth your while to dig into this opportunity while it is still under the radar for most investors.

Take for instance Versus AI Inc (NEO: VERS), which was trading at 0.60 in January of this year and recently hit a high of $3.60/share for a quick and tidy gain of over 500% in that time period.

VERS market cap, at the time of this writing, stands at $164 million (CAD), while ANON is at just over $18 million.

The potential for a skyrocketing share price is certainly there. Let’s dig in.

Who is ANON?

ANON essentially wants to become the “Google Flights” of A.I.

They are acquiring and/or developing and commercializing platforms which simplify the A.I. jungle that currently exists.

With hundreds of apps floating around, users and companies find it challenging to choose the suite of generative A.I. applications that will best suit their needs.

Layer in privacy concerns, and we have a problem, Houston.

ANON‘s latest news releases paint a better picture of the direction the company is heading in:

May 19th – Announces New Anonymous Data Intelligence Technology to Monetize Existing VPN Users and Build AI Datasets

May 24th  – Letter of Intent to acquire Haller.io, an enterprise-grade SaaS platform – a user friendly all-in-one enterprise grade AI dashboard, simplifying access to GPT-powered applications.

June 2 – Announces “Turminal.ai” a revolutionary privacy protected AI dashboard providing anonymous access to Chat GPT, and eventually a curated sweet of image creation, programming, HR, marketing, and other AI-powered programs.

The ‘Google Flights’ for enterprise AI.

They are moving fast. It’s a big concept, with massive revenue potential – and we love it.

ANON also owns LimitlessVPN, a brilliant concept that provides free private, untraceable browsing to their users, while utilizing spare bandwidth during downtime to collect completely anonymous information from the network.

Here’s the kicker – ANON has partnered with DataDojo, an industry leading data aggregator with over $1 billion in sales.

This information is worth a minimum of 0.50/user/month to ANON, and upwards of $1.50/user/month if they are able to achieve critical mass and optimize the process.

Potential cash flow from this operation alone is BIG.

Once ANON commercializes their full suite of offerings and starts snapping up market share, we could be looking at an AI-driven powerhouse.

Conclusion: Anonymous Intelligence Company (CSE: ANON) (OTC: ANISF) is firmly in the race to grab market share in a sector projected to grow 20-fold by 2030 to a whopping size of $2 trillion. [3]

It’s still a microcap, but they are moving fast and early stage investors have an opportunity to ride a potentially major surge in valuation.

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