Stallion Now Reigns as The Largest Landowner in the Western Athabasca Basin

The Athabasca Basin in northern Saskatchewan is home to some of the world’s richest uranium deposits. The basin covers an area of approximately 100,000 square kilometers and has produced over 50% of the world’s uranium since the 1970s. Uranium mining in the Athabasca Basin is a major economic driver for the region, and the industry employs thousands of people.

Did you know the Athabasca Basin is home to the world’s most extensive and highest-grade uranium mining and milling operations? Several major companies are already implemented there, but none have as much land such as Stallion Discoveries (TSXV: STUD, OTC: STLNF, FRA: HM40). Thanks to its recent joint venture with Atha Energy, Stallion now owns 715,450 acres across the Western Basin. With Cameco and Orano Canada as direct neighbors, the stage for discovery has been set.

Why is the Athabasca Basin crucial for the world’s uranium?

Situated in the heartland of Canada, the Athabasca region has established itself as a dominant force in the field of uranium mining, exerting a significant influence on the global stage. Blessed with ample reserves and exceptionally rich ore deposits, this region has become a vital player in meeting the ever-growing global demand for nuclear energy. Boasting an astounding 20% of the world’s known uranium resources, the Athabasca region stands unrivaled as a valuable repository of this precious mineral. 

With a staggering 270,000 tonnes of identified uranium deposits, its potential to fulfill the escalating need for this essential nuclear fuel is unparalleled. 

Setting it apart from numerous other deposits across the globe, the average uranium ore grade in this region surpasses 2% to 3%, far exceeding the global average of 0.1% to 0.2%. Over the years, Canada has consistently ranked among the world’s largest uranium producers, and in 2020 alone, approximately 7,400 tonnes were extracted. The Athabasca region’s contribution to the global uranium supply chain guarantees a steady and reliable source of this crucial fuel for nuclear power generation on a worldwide scale.

Nuclear power is becoming increasingly popular in countries such as the United States, the European Union, and others. As the interest in nuclear power grows, so does the price of uranium, which has been rising since 2021. Indeed, the uranium price increased by 78%, moving from $24 to 53% (May 23, 2023). Furthermore, power utilities are now returning to long-term contracts, which is a crucial development.

However, there is a problem with the supply struggling to meet the increasing demand due to a lack of investment in the uranium industry over the past ten years caused by low prices.

The availability of uranium remains limited, and it is expected that further price increases will be necessary and anticipated before new supply can be incentivized.

In fact, according to John Ciampaglia, the CEO of Sprott Asset Management, there may be a shortage of uranium supply unless the metal prices reach the range of $75 to $100 per pound. 

Stallion Discoveries Play An Important Role In the Region 

The most recent news can’t and hasn’t let investors insensitive. Thanks to a joint venture with  Atha Energy, Stallion simply became the largest contiguous project owner in the Western Athabasca Basin. 

After acquiring a 70% interest in 47 mineral claims, Stallion acquires 547,534 in the region. It significantly expands the company’s holdings to reach up to 715,450 acres. Thanks to this strategic movement, Stallion increase the potential to discover numerous high-potential target zones. 

“We are thrilled to announce this transformational option to expand our position in the Western Athabasca basin. There is significant strategic value in gaining access to this land package that is directly adjacent to our current projects. We and other key stakeholders in the district believe that the Western Basin is underexplored and provides tremendous opportunity for exploration success. Stallion now has the potential to hold the largest continuous land package in the Western Athabasca basin, offering exploration synergies and more target areas as we execute on our exploration plan.”

Stallion CEO, Mr. Drew Zimmerman

Regarding the key terms, it is important to highlight Stallion’s remarkable ability to generate a substantial amount of work within a short timeframe. This productivity is expected to greatly contribute to the company’s growth, particularly in an area where its market capitalization is currently among the lowest. Any significant discoveries made by Stallion are likely to enhance the company’s market value strongly.

  • Within 12 months, Stallion must accumulate $3,311,770 in Saskatchewan Exploration Expenditure Credits on the Project.
  • Within 60 months, Stallion must accumulate an additional $8,688,230 in Saskatchewan Exploration Expenditure Credits, bringing the total to $12,000,000.

Stallion’s neighbors notably include Orano Canada, that in 2022 achieved a total production of 18 million pounds of U3O8 (Triuranium octoxide or also known as a compound of uranium). Another neighbor is Cameco. Since its inception in 2015, Cameco’s Cigar Lake mine has emerged as the most prolific uranium mine globally, boasting the highest ore grade. The mine has successfully yielded over 123 million pounds of ore to date.

Stallion has recently finished conducting an electromagnetic and magnetic survey over their 78,831 hectares in the Athabasca Basin. To carry out this program, the company enlisted the services of Geotech, who utilized their advanced VTEM Plus system to cover all eight of Stallion’s projects. The VTEM technology has been widely used by numerous explorers operating in the Athabasca Basin since its introduction in 2004. Calibration studies conducted by Areva (now Orano) have confirmed that the VTEM Plus system can detect basement conductors up to a depth of 750 meters.

The survey involved flying over the region with a line spacing of 200 meters, covering a total distance of 5,150 kilometers. For the Quality Assurance/Quality Control of the data acquisition phase, Stallion engaged Condor North Consulting ULC (Condor). With the completion of the data acquisition phase, Geotech will now proceed with the data processing and generation of the final products, which is expected to be completed in the upcoming weeks. 

This survey will represent the key first step on a proven exploration roadmap in the area. With the data acquisition phase of the geophysical survey soon to be complete, Stallion’s team will prioritize key target areas and potential drill targets.

Why We Believe Stallion Discoveries (TSXV: STUD, OTC: STLNF, FRA: HM40) Is  A Hot Stock Right Now

  • The company’s operations are in the most prolific uranium region in the world; 
  • Stallion direct neighbors include Cameco and Orano Canada which are among the biggest company; 
  • Stallion Discoveries is the largest owner in the Western Athabasca Basin (715,450 acres);
  • A lot of work will be done by Stallion within 60 months, augmenting the chances to find discoveries; 
  • The management team and key shareholders have led to successful transactions. 

Where To Find Stallion Discoveries & Learn More About The Company

Stallion Discoveries trades on the TSXV under the symbol $stud, the OTC under the symbol $STLNF, and the FRA under the symbol $HM40.

You can learn more about $STUD on their website at: https://www.stalliondiscoveries.com/

To contact them, you can reach out using the information below: 

Stallion Discoveries Corp. 

Suite 700-838 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 0A6

Phone: +1 778.686.0973

Contact name: Drew Zimmerman

Email: info@stalliondiscoveries.com

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