Renewed Investor Interest in Billy Goat Brands Breaks Stock Out Of Tight Trading Range

  • Shares of Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) have recently lit up, trading nearly 6 million shares on the CSE since March 31st.
  • The company’s investment in Evanesce seems to be paying off as the compostable packaging market booms.
  • Investors may have mislabeled GOAT as a plant-based protein stock, when in fact it is a venture capital platform focused on investing in high-potential companies operating in the ocean economy.
  • Investors in GOAT stand to benefit from planned liquidity events (spin-off of shares to GOAT shareholders) in at least two of Billy Goat’s investments (Evanesce and award winning plant-based seafood company Sophie’s Kitchen).

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Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT)
A stock on the move.

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Following a few weeks of quiet trading, shares in Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) have exploded, with over 5 million shares exchanging hands on the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange) since March 31.

Let’s face it, the ESG and plant-based sectors have had a rough go over the past several months. The sectors have seen a significant retracement over the past year resulting in some very interesting entry-level opportunities for companies that have driven forward with sound business plans.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is bringing to market a unique, multi-faceted and effective business model with a focus on the ocean economy and it seems investors are warming up to its potential as the business and respective markets mature and continue to gain mainstream attention.

Notably, their investment in sustainable packaging innovator Evanesce seems to be paying off with explosive growth occurring in the compostable packaging market, which hit $87.4 billion USD in 2021 and is expected to rise to $137 billion by 2027 (Source: Market Statsville Group).

The company has also made investments in award winning plant-based seafood company Sophie’s Kitchen, brick-and-mortar franchise The Vegetarian Butcher and enhanced cold-brew beverage company FunGuys Beverages featuring the Kold brand.

The stock has jumped off of its 52-week low on strong volume, a tell-tale sign that the story is potentially starting to gain traction with a newer, broader audience.

With a market cap of only ~$12.5 million (CAD) as of April 4th, and an aggressive growth strategy in place Billy Goat Brands could be one of the sector’s most attractive ground floor opportunities.

“Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments could become a $1 trillion category by 2030“, BlackRock’s head of iShares Americas, Armando Senra, May 2021

David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer at Citi Global Wealth, also said that over the next five to 10 years, investors — especially younger ones — will place an “enormous emphasis on sustainable and responsible investing” – CNBC, June 10, 2021

Introducing the GOAT.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is giving investors the latest ground-floor opportunity to participate in high-growth markets featuring the ocean economy, sustainability and environmental, social governance.

Investors are recognizing that ESG factors are a critical element to building sustainable economies that can adapt to industry, regulatory and market shifts, such as the evolution of technology, climate change, social equity, diversity and inclusion, and black swan events like COVID-19.

By acting as a hands-on incubator and accelerator of rigorously vetted high growth opportunities, Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT) intends to provide investors with direct exposure to emerging companies driving growth in the ocean economy and sustainability-driven sectors.

Currently this means exclusive exposure to four initial expansion-stage companies in sectors primed for significant future growth.

With each of these investee companies expected to deliver >50% CAGR in each of the next 3 years[5], now is the time to start your review of this uniquely diversified investment opportunity before the herd joins in.

Latest Press Releases:

March 10, 2022: Billy Goat Brands’ Investee Sophie’s Kitchen Exhibits at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim from March 8-12, 2022
March 1, 2022: Billy Goat Brands Bolsters Senior Management Team of FunGuys Beverages
February 8, 2022: Billy Goat Brands’ Investee Evanesce Communicates Refined Long-Term Growth Strategy


60-Second Investment Summary

  • Hot Market: Sustainability investing is entering the mainstream at a rapid pace – projected to hit $15.6B in sales by 2026[6]
  • Proven Team: Executed $5B+ of debt and equity transactions and managed a team overseeing $30B+ in AUA.
  • Ground Floor Opportunity: Shares in CSE: GOAT have recently come off the 52-week low on strong volume signaling a turn-around in progress.
  • ESG-focused portfolio: Provides for investment into a diversified ESG-focused portfolio, featuring an award-winning plant based seafood company whose product is “tasty AF (as fish)” and sustainable packaging innovator Evanesce offering compostable trays, hot beverage cups and straws.
  • Plant-Based Seafood Market to Skyrocket: Investment in plant-based seafood hit $70M in the first half of 2021.
  • Incubator Advantage: Rigorously vetted investee companies are more likely to achieve liquidation events through the help and depth of the Billy Goat Brands team.
  • Strong Funding History: Raised over $10M to date through multiple financings.
  • Aggressive Expansion: Investee Evanesce brings exposure for investors to strong growth in circular economy, compostable packaging; Billy Goat Brands announced plans to potentially list Evanesce on a North American exchange. Flagship plant-based seafood investee Sophie’s Kitchen, bespoke liquidity event planning in progress.

Accelerating Tomorrow’s Brands

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) isn’t just another venture capital investor.

They’re also an incubator. They roll up their sleeves and work alongside their investees, strategically accelerating them towards their own liquidity event, whether a private sale, a reverse takeover or an IPO.

They have deep experience in capital markets, business development and operations, brand building and facilitating exits, thus providing additional bench strength to their investees (more on their team in a moment).

With a commitment to the sustainability of the oceans, Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is currently focused on 4 sectors that the market is fortunately very excited about:

  • Functional foods;
  • Plant-based protein;
  • Ocean economy; and
  • Food technology.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) also chooses investees that prioritize ESG values (Environmental, Social and Governance) and enable their clients and customers to vote with their wallets.

A robust ESG strategy is key to delivering what institutional investors increasingly want to see and what governments around the world are accelerating at a rapid pace: ROI while making the world a better place.

According to Deloitte, ESG-mandated assets in the US could grow almost 3x as fast as non-ESG-mandated assets to make up 50% of all professionally managed investments by 2025.[8]

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) plans to use this clear selection criteria to build a portfolio offering above average growth potential

They’ve raised over $10M to date through a number of fundraising rounds.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) Lists Its Shares for Trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) providing for a ground-floor opportunity to potentially realize strong and rapid gains by investing in a proven team that is accelerating exceptional companies in ESG, plant-based protein and circular economy markets.

Make sure you join the Billy Goat Brands mailing list now so you don’t miss out on their latest news and progress.

Opportunity: Rapidly Growing Markets

The global plant-based protein market is projected to hit $15.6B by 2026 at a CAGR of 7.2%[9]. It’s an exciting and emerging space with a lot of runway.

For consumers, there are many drivers, including:

• Seeking healthier food alternatives;
• Avoiding meat due to viral outbreaks in processing facilities;
• Reducing the environmental impact of meat production; and
• Avoiding unethical treatment of animals in factory farming & production.

For investors, the excitement comes from the next potential stock breakout.

Especially when these promising plant-based companies trade around 10x to 15x once they’ve become established.

To put that into perspective, in a moment we’ll be looking at Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) flagship investee: Sophie’s Kitchen, with an exceptionally branded, award winning line of frozen and shelf stable plant-based seafood offerings.

Projected revenue for Sophie’s in 2021 is $6.5M. At those trading multiples, that could mean up to a $65 million valuation at 10x revenue.

And that’s just the potential of the plant-based seafood market. Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is also invested in the rapidly growing functional foods space.

In particular, their FunGuys Beverages investee is in the functional cold brew coffee sector, which is expected to reach ~$23.4B USD by 2030 at a CAGR of ~6.8% according to Transparency Market Research.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) has positioned itself to ride the wave of these rapidly growing markets through 3 initial brands they’ve carefully selected and invested in.

Diversified Portfolio of High-Growth Brands

The overviews below show why these brands passed the due diligence phase and how Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is currently working with them to maximize their potential in the near term.

Sophie’s Kitchen – “Plant Based Seafood That’s Tasty AF (As Fish)”

“Plant-Based Seafood Market to Skyrocket, Increasing 13x to US$1.3 Billion in Next Decade”Vegconomist, The Vegan Business Magazine, April 2021

“According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average quantity of per capita canned tuna consumption declined by over 41% between 1986 and 2016, from 3.6 pounds to 2.1 pounds. Strong odour, combined with concerns over high mercury concentrations, were attributed as some of the primary reasons for this.”

“Fears of overfishing, heavy-metal consumption, and microplastics, fueled by documentaries such as Netflix’s controversial Seaspiracy, are priming the switch. The potential market could be huge: Beyond vegans and flexitarians, faux fish might also be a welcome addition to, say, a pregnant woman avoiding high-mercury swordfish or a consumer with a shellfish allergy. And big corporations have taken notice.” – Bloomberg, Aug 2021

Tyson Foods, Nestle and Thai Union Group (“Chicken of the Sea” brand) have recently invested in or are moving into the plant based seafood market. While there isn’t a dominant player yet, GOAT’s investee Sophie’s Kitchen has been making serious progress in this soon-to-be multi-billion dollar market.

Estimated to be worth $113 billion in 2020, the global seafood market is ripe for plant-based disruption.

Sophie’s Kitchen is a mature plant-based seafood CPG company led by a veteran team of professional seafood/vegan chefs, business builders and financiers.

Trend-setting company Goop recently crowned Sophie’s the best plant-based seafood

…and they’ve been highlighted on several mainstream media platforms.

Products: Large and growing selection of frozen and shelf stable offerings.

Distribution: Billy Goat Brands Ltd.’s portfolio company, Sophie’s Kitchen Inc., has partnered with Southwind Foods LLC to offer its plant-based seafood, fish and other protein options alongside the products of the multigenerational seafood distributor. Through the arrangement, Sophie’s Kitchen achieves a flagship master brokerage sales agreement and stands to benefit from Southwind’s dedicated national sales force and tens of thousands of distribution points for its products across food service locations (institutions and restaurants), retail stores and grocery chains.

This kind of progress was made possible thanks to Sophie’s having superior products that are earning the kind of valuable market exposure and recognition you can’t buy.

Sophie’s unique positioning provides them with a significant competitive advantage. Unlike most of the competition, Sophie’s is NOT focused on plant-based beef, chicken or pork. And they do NOT have GMOs or allergens like soy and gluten in their products.

Beyond providing growth capital to Sophie’s, Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is also assisting with the review of the structure and process for their expected IPO in the medium term on a North American exchange.

For investors wanting to benefit from all this potential growth before the Sophie’s Kitchen IPO, the good news is they can gain access by owning stock in Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) following its listing on the CSE.

The Vegetarian Butcher

Business Model: Small footprint bricks-and-mortar retail grocer.

Target Market: Health-conscious consumers.

Products: High-quality plant-based protein offerings from different manufacturers.

Deli Program: Fresh ready-to-eat food prepared in-house daily.

Locations: Kelowna and Gastown (Vancouver); both were cash-flow positive within 2 months of opening (Capital Exp. is ~$100K per store).

Aggressive Growth Plan: Planned 36 locations total by 2024 through nationwide expansion, all of which will provide ongoing news flow.

Online Platform: Recently launched robust ecommerce business (

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is currently helping The Vegetarian Butcher with:

  • Expansion capital
  • Experienced direction around brand building and marketing

FunGuys Beverages

Business Model: Distributor of functional cold-brew beverages.

Target Market: Global cold brew coffee market is projected to grow from US$510.5M in 2020 to US$2.76B by 2026 at a CAGR of 32.5%.[11]

Products: KOLD brand organic Chaga and Lions Mane cold brew coffee and concentrates.

Product Launch: North American market launch imminent with sophisticated e-commerce store and third-party fulfillment.

Strategic Partnership: TerraCycle’s LOOP to provide distribution and disruptive ESG-philosophy packaging (reusable glass bottles good for 40 or more lifecycles); LOOP has support from major American, Canadian and European grocery retailers and world-class packaged goods brands.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is currently drawing on their branding expertise to help FunGuys Beverages elevate the common coffee experience to that of a ritual involving the repeat consumption of their premium-priced products and related accessories.

Proven Team Executing the Plan

It’s rare to find a team with this depth of experience across public market venture capital, M&A, public and private entity strategy, global brand building, corporate governance and operations.

The members on Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) team have executed over $5B of various debt and equity transactions, managed a team overseeing over $30B in AUA, and led the acquisition/disposition of private businesses and real estate exceeding $100M in aggregate value.

Here are just some of the world-class companies they’ve been involved with:

While you can find their full bios further below, the following recap highlights the team’s ability to accelerate their investee brands to create shareholder gains.

  • Tony Harris, Chairman & CEO: Extensive experience buying & selling businesses.
  • Kris Dahl, COO & Director: Former exec with TD Bank and TD Waterhouse managing 50-person team.
  • Kerry Biggs, CFO & Director: Former VP, Treasurer at lululemon athletica.
  • Todd Buchanan, Chair, Investment Committee
  • Asghar Khan, Investment Committee: Former Regional Head of Strategy and Business Development for PepsiCo, driving a multi-billion-dollar portfolio in 14 countries.
  • Jan Urata, Corporate Secretary
  • Paul Marr, Advisor: Current head of marcom creative for EA Sports.
  • David Jackson, Advisor: Current VP Marketing for EA Sports.
  • Lyndsay Hamelin, Director:  Current Director, Plant & Co. Brands Ltd.
  • Natasha Raey, Director: Current CEO for Skye Cannabis.


Billy Goat Brands (CSE: GOAT, OTCQB: BGTTF) is a compelling new investment opportunity operating in a rapidly expanding ocean economy-focused market.

Their current portfolio is well positioned for strong growth, featuring award winning plant-based seafood, compostable packaging, a line of functional cold-brew beverages, and a brick-and-mortar vegetarian butcher franchise.

Exciting target markets. Rigorous investment selection process. Diversified portfolio of promising early-stage companies. Ability to march investees toward growth and liquidity events.

Not to mention lots of news flow and catalysts expected in 2022 as the company aggressively pursues growth strategies to unlock latent value from their investee companies.

With their shares newly listed on the CSE, now is the time to take a closer look at GOAT and consider a ground-floor investment that could represent potential for realizing significant near term gains.

Visit the Billy Goat Brands website to request their Corporate Presentation.

And be sure to join the Billy Goat Brands mailing list so you don’t miss their upcoming corporate updates.


Management Team

Tony Harris, Chairman & CEO

Tony Harris is a third-generation businessman from Nanaimo, BC, Canada. He is an experienced leader and builder of teams and has extensive experience in buying and selling businesses together with knowledge in all aspects of corporate banking and finance. He’s an award-winning automotive dealer and real estate developer as well as a dynamic entrepreneur and investor. Tony is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and he completed Executive Education in leadership and entrepreneurship from Babson College. He is a known community builder and philanthropist.

Kris Dahl, COO & Director

Kris Dahl is the founder and Managing Director of Greenbridge Capital Corp, a niche lender that provides liquidity to law firms and their clients. Kris has 25 years of experience in commercial and retail investment and lending. Prior to Greenbridge, he worked as an executive with TD Bank and TD Waterhouse where he most recently managed a 50-person team in 13 offices across Western Canada overseeing over $30B in assets under administration. Kris holds an MBA from Dalhousie University, a BCom from the University of Saskatchewan, a FinTech Certificate from Harvard University, and a Derivatives Market Specialist designation from The Canadian Securities Institute.

Kerry Biggs, CFO & Director

Kerry has over 23 years finance and business experience, most recently as CFO of two publicly traded entities within the Canadian cannabis sector. Prior to that, he worked at lululemon athletica, where he was Vice President, Treasurer looking after all capital markets, liquidity, treasury and insurance activities. Before this, Kerry was Vice President, Finance at GCT Global Container Terminals Inc., a company wholly owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and has held various senior finance roles at Finning International and Enbridge Inc. over his career. Kerry holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario), a Chartered Professional Accountant designation, and a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science degree from the University of Victoria.

Asghar Khan, Investment Committee

Asghar Khan is a member of the Investment Committee at Billy Goat Brands. Mr. Khan has extensive experience working with public and private enterprises to create shareholder value and long-term growth. Previously, Mr. Kahn served as Regional Head of Strategy and Business Development for PepsiCo, where he drove a multi-billion dollar portfolio in 14 countries across the Asia Pacific region, with a primary focus on developing corporate strategy and M&A. Prior thereto, Mr. Khan held senior Finance and Planning positions at Rogers Communications and PwC.

Mr. Kahn has also served on the boards of various corporations in Asia and is a member of CIMA Australia. In addition, Mr. Khan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Albright College, an MBA from Lerner School of Business, University of Delaware and a Master’s degree in Finance from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.

Jan Urata, Corporate Secretary

Jan Urata is the Founder and President of Take It Public Services Inc. Ms. Urata founded Take it Public Services Inc. in 2011 as a regulatory and corporate compliance support service for corporate issuers in a wide range of industries including but not limited to bio-tech, mining, venture capital, and oil and gas. Ms. Urata brings over 20 years of industry experience and is well versed in taking corporate entities from the initial seed capital stage to being publicly listed.

Paul Marr, Advisor

Paul Marr is an award-winning executive creative director currently holding positions as a principal director at KOLD and the head of marcom creative for EA Sports where he leads a team of strategists, designers, copywriters, and creative directors. Prior to EA, Paul was a director at Canada’s leading creative agency, Cossette, where helped establish brand channels, ideas, and platforms for brands like Best Buy, Telus, and Tourism BC.

David Jackson, Advisor

David Jackson is a highly regarded Marketing leader, currently holding positions as a principal director at KOLD and VP Marketing for EA Sports where he is responsible for over $2B of revenue across the FIFA franchise, globally. Prior to EA, David’s background is comprised of omnichannel Public and Private sector Advertising with Saatchi in London (UK), and Sponsorship Strategy and Activation with Barclays Bank.

Todd Buchanan, Chair, Investment Committee

Todd Buchanan is Chairman of of the Investment Committee. Mr. Buchanan has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500, public and private companies on the creation and implementation of business process management methods and technology. Mr. Buchanan is a proven consensus builder and negotiator, who is focused on assisting founders operate their early-stage companies from start-up through proof-of-concept and hyper growth. Having worked with numerous companies, Todd has developed a diverse range of experience by holding senior executive positions at organizations including but not limited to International Forest Products; SiCam Systems and its clients; Nexii Building Solutions; Luvo Inc.; LYFE Kitchen; as well as Equifaira Partners and its clients.

Mr. Buchanan currently serves on the Board, as an officer and in advisory roles with a number of companies, a mutual fund trust, and a not-for-profit organization.

Lyndsay Hamelin, Director

Lyndsay Hamelin brings over 15 years of experience in corporate and securities law. During her career, she has been focused on securities and corporate finance, and assists with managing and orchestrating public company requirements on the CSE, TSXV and TSX stock exchanges, as well as listings on the OTC Markets. After starting her career in Vancouver, Lindsay advanced to a senior position at a top-tier law firm in London, England where she assisted in completing a corporate reorganization. She later returned to Canada where her international expertise currently helps clients navigate complex corporate compliance matters, financings and IPO preparations for the Canadian markets.

Ms. Hamelin is currently a board member of Plant&Co. Brands Ltd., a company focused on curating plant-based foods; serves as the Corporate Secretary for Supernova Metals Corp., an exploration company focused on acquiring and advancing natural resources opportunities within North America; and sits on the board of various private corporations.

Natasha Raey, Director

Natasha Raey is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, with over 15 years of operational and project management experience. Ms. Raey’s primary industries of focus include healthcare, cannabis, consumer discretionary and women’s empowerment. Natasha is the founder of Bloomelix and the CEO of Skye Cannabis. She has experience developing and executing research projects, action plans and evaluation frameworks for a number of community development and health-focused projects. For the Cadence Health Centre, Ms. Raey oversaw the development and execution of the multi-disciplinary centre and compounding pharmacy. 

Natasha is an avid philanthropist with a focus on healthcare and women’s empowerment. Shes is the Founder of SheTalks Global – a platform for women to share their stories of empowerment and a movement that has been recognized by CNN International. She holds an Honors Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University, including a Masters in Health Administration from the University of British Columbia.





[5] Billy Goat Brands corporate presentation (available for download at








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