Top 3 5G Stocks To Watch Next Month

The era of 5G mobile technology is almost upon us and more and more companies are moving into the sector as the pace of adoption quickens. On the other hand, there are hundreds of thousands of enterprising investors who are also looking to cash in on the growth of the 5G sector. There are now plenty of stocks that one could consider when it comes to the 5G sector but here is a look at three 5G stocks that one could look into before the beginning of October 2021.

1. AT&T (NYSE:T)

AT&T is the biggest mobile telephone services operator in the United States and is poised to be one of the biggest players in the 5G market. It provides a wide range of services through its 5G network already and it is a stock that investors could look into when considering 5G themed investments.

Recently the company partnered with Overland-Tandberg as well in order to further expand its range of services. On the other hand, it should also be noted that AT&T has also signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. The agreement is going to help the company in developing a range of 5G-based maritime solutions.


Another stock that could be worth tracking at this point in the 5G space is that of Qualcomm. The company is one of the biggest players in this space since its semiconductors are deployed in innumerable 5G devices across the world. Qualcomm owns patents both in the 4G and 5G spaces that set the standards in the wider industry. Hence, it goes without saying that as the sector growth, it is a stock that many investors might look to add to their portfolios.

3. Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE:VZ)

Last but certainly not least, the telecom giant Verizon Communications Inc is another company that could be tracked closely by investors who are looking for 5G plays. The company enjoys a subscriber base of a staggering 120 million for its range of wireless network services.

That also includes both 4G and 5G internet carrier services in addition to other services including those in the Managed Security solutions and Internet of Things niches. Not too long ago, the company expanded its 5G presence in more cities in the United States and considering its existing customer base, Verizon could well emerge as one of the major winners in the 5G space.   

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