Top 3 Growth Stocks To Consider For Long Term

Growth stocks are often quite attractive to investors with a long-term view. These are companies that may not be profitable but due to the enormous growth, they present a long-term opportunity for many and hence, nowadays there are plenty of investors who are on the lookout for such stocks. Here is a look at three growth stocks, which may have been beaten down in recent times, but could represent a significant opportunity for November 2021.


PayPal is the pioneer in the world of digital payments and even now it is regarded as one of the most reliable facilitators of global payments. It had been established back in 1998 and over the course of the past decades, it has turned into a behemoth.

In addition to that, the company now owns a range of other companies like Xoom, Honey, Hyperwallet and PayPal Credit among others. More importantly, the company is increasingly looking to expand the kind of services it offers and has even come up with a ‘buy now pay later’ service that could be the next big thing in consumer finance. However, the stock has been beaten down in recent times and that could well be an opportunity for investors with a longer-term outlook.

2 UiPath (NYSE:PATH)

Another growth stock that investors could consider adding to their watch lists today is that of UiPath. It is a multinational software company and is best known for having become a well-known player in the robotic process automation or RPA space. 

The software that the company makes in this particular domain helps companies to perform vital functions. It not only helps in completely automatic data entry-related work but also accomplishes a range of repetitive tasks. The software applications make it easier for companies to create and deploy bots as well.

3 Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB)

Last but certainly not least, it is the Meta Platforms stock that investors could consider adding to their watch lists this month. It is the new corporate name of the social media behemoth Facebook.

While the name change has been announced, the ticker symbol of the stock is going to be changed officially to MVRS on December 1. In recent times, the stock has been beaten down due to a range of controversies surrounding Facebook and other platforms. However, the price P/E ratio remains at 23 and hence, it might be a good idea for investors to possibly keep the Meta Platforms stock in their thoughts.

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