Where to invest in an age of uncertainty?

By Patrick W.H. Garrard 

How do you invest with some degree of certainty, if you can’t know where the world is heading? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your M.O. When everything is changing, why keep doing the same old thing? (“Think different”: Steve Jobs.) 

Let’s start with two facts: 

• The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), which we’ll unpack below, grew three-fold in the past three years, and may break $2 billion market value this year. Sylvera, an industry leading carbon markets intelligence firm, projects this market may reach $40 billion in eight years. (Source: Sylvera Carbon Credit Crunch Report, Feb. 2022)

• Yet the potential is even greater. Supply/demand has been held back by lack of transparency in the market, predatory practices and opaque old trading systems. DeepMarkit’s proprietary platform, MintCarbon.io, has now reinvented the industry using blockchain as the backbone to bring this massive market online in a secure and transparent way. 

DeepMarkit Corp

This will make carbon credits simple to list, profile, track and trade — making them accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime. DeepMarkit has turned voluntary carbon offset permits into a safe, transparent, secure mainstream investment vehicle – an industry first. 

Now investors will know what they’re getting. In fact this could be the greatest breakthrough since the Internet changed stock-trading 30 years ago. 

Yet DeepMarkit shares are flying well under the radar of the mainstream, with its market capitalization at only $5 million as of November 29th!

Why the rush for carbon offsets?

Some background …

A carbon offset credit is a certified transferable instrument, representing an emission reduction of one metric ton of CO2, or equivalent green-house gas. So why the growing rush? Because governments will require a 45% drop in human-caused emissions by 2030. And very important, this will be legally enforceable – therefore demand in this asset class is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. 

But here’s the investment breakthrough: DeepMarkit is the first publicly listed company to bring this multi-billion sector to the Internet. Its infrastructure now fully in place and operational. A global ‘first.’ 

DeepMarkit Corp.’s first-and-only MintCarbon.io is up-and-running, ready to go. To sum up … 

• Easy access to decentralized exchanges for investors and emitters. 

• Accessible, transparent, efficient carbon trading — unleashing supply, demand and innovation. 

• Easy 24/7/365 access enables offset trading on tokenized exchanges.

• A shared revenue model with a royalty stream provides investors in DeepMarkit with exposure to one of the world’s fastest growing asset-classes. 

DeepMarkit (TSX-V: MKT, OTCQB: MKTDF) monetizes carbon

This is the world’s only public company to provide this service to carbon credit originators and holders, also investors and emitters.

• Carbon credits are now being minted and turned into universally-traded NFT investments. These are not monkey pictures or artwork NFTs that completely imploded earlier this year – MintCarbon NFTs are backed by a third-party verified carbon offset assets with real value. They are functional, tradeable, loaded with project information, and can be retired “on chain” (online) so the end user is able to claim their carbon offset.

• DeepMarkit’s MintCarbon.io can collect up to 10% minting fee on the total value of carbon offsets (NFTs) being minted. 

• A transaction fee can be collected every time a MintCarbon.io token/NFT is traded on the blockchain. (Through OpenSea, Rarible or any other decentralized exchange.) 

Best of all, DeepMarkit can receive a cut at every stage through the minting/trading process — coming and going. Practically a license to print money’? Of course not, but maybe something pretty close. 

Bottom line: Up-and-running DeepMarkit is making investment history. 

Non-stop minting flow

It’s so simple and natural: DeepMarkit’s proprietary MintCarbon.io will feed off voluntary offset credits coming from powerful partners: They deliver the credits … MintCarbin.io provides a reliable minting service. 

A key partner, Radiance Assets (Berhad), is a 9.4% shareholder of DeepMarkit. Its portfolio includes a vast network of investments spanning forestry, hydrogen and geothermal carbon projects. Radiance is introducing carbon offset project owners to DeepMarkit for their minting needs.

Radiance has also recently agreed to purchase up to C$20 million worth of NFTs or other secure tokens on the MintCarbon.io platform. This is a significant commitment, and expected to help attract blue-chip clientele and accelerate carbon credit onboarding.

Timing is everything

Breakthrough companies can have a destiny, heading for great things and high stock prices. They may lie low for months, even a year or more, but then everything comes together and they explode. Suddenly they’re “discovered,” early-stage investors start buying and telling their friends, trading volume can go crazy and investing history gets made. 

So timing IS everything, obviously, and the trick is to catch the rocket before it launches. But DeepMarkit — is this the time? Keep in mind … 

Being the world’s only public company to monetize this massive asset class counts for a LOT. This will change, and other public companies will come along — but right now DeepMarkit is the first-and only and has a major head start with a fully functioning platform and global partners on board. Can you think of a better jump-start? 

Third, carbon credits, though not yet broadly known in the mainstream, are arguably the world’s fastest-growing asset-class, and that’s utterly amazing! 

Every investment is a gamble, naturally. But when a company has so much upside potential, this  might be DeepMarkit’s moment.  

DeepMarkit’s breakthrough formula: New suppliers + new minting business + more two-way revenue + world’s fastest-growing asset-class = historic hit?

Check out their Investor Presentation here.

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