Why did insiders of this ESG – A.I. startup recently accumulate millions of shares?

We’re bringing to your attention today a microcap stock, led by a blue-chip Chairman. A company whose management team recently accumulated millions of shares. A company enroute to increased commercialization of its remarkable, patented suite of A.I. solutions that could transform not only the US $16 billion A.I. computer vision market (digital imaging, robotics, lidar, video streaming, mobile, photography, etc) but also the ESG (environmental, social and governance) software market which is expected to triple by 2028.

Keep reading and learn how they intend to revolutionize the $83 billion cloud storage and $473 billion video streaming industries.

On March 8th, Fool.com posted an article titled: This $42 Billion Market Could Be a Game Changer for Nvidia – referring to the cloud gaming market, which is on track for record growth. The company we present below, which is partnered with Nvidia, aims to revolutionize cloud computing with it’s revolutionary AI tech.

It’s no secret – AI has already begun to permeate every aspect of our lives, from the way we shop and communicate, to the way we work and play. But now, the potential for AI to transform the investment landscape is greater than ever before.

As we stand on the cusp of this technological revolution, investors who pay attention now can seize once-in-a-lifetime opportunities almost everywhere in the space.

That is… if you know where to look.

Consider these critical questions…

1) When was the last time you played a video for it to only buffer, or to download a file and completely run out of cloud storage?
2) How much does your dependency on the internet reflect your total personal annual energy consumption?

So much of what we do every day involves a data center. Shopping online, streaming TV shows, gaming, reading this story – they all need data to be stored and readily available.

Data centers need huge amounts of electricity to keep them going – a large facility will use as much electricity as a medium sized town. There are over 8,000 data centers globally with no slow down in sight for new ones being built.

Look no further, the future of cloud storage and video streaming is here, and it’s powered by artificial intelligence – and the ground floor investment opportunity for astute investors is enormous.

Insiders, of the company including the CEO recently accumulated millions of shares by investing heavily into their own company.

Introducing – NexOptic (TSX Venture: NXO, OTCQB: NXOPF)

NexOptic Technologies Corp (TSX Venture: NXO, OTCQB: NXOPF) is focusing on advancing NexCompress™, a very strong offering within its multi-patented and patent pending ALIIS™ (All Light Intelligent Imaging Solutions) suite that can help address the ballooning bandwidth and associated carbon footprint of global video streaming applications, including the enormous cloud storage economy.

Chairman – Rich Geruson’s experience spans several CEO roles including Lexmark International, the IBM multibillion-dollar spinout imaging technology and solutions company with over 10,000 employees, and two highly successful tech startups, one that pioneered voice recognition technology that allowed investors to exit at 12X revenue. Mr. Geruson also held Senior VP and Executive positions at Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and McKinsey & Co.

Here’s why we believe it’s time to pay closer attention to NexOptic Technologies Corp:

According to IDC, a global market intelligence firm, $110 billion (USD) will be spent on A.I. tech by 2024.

NexOptic’s market cap as of March 8th stands at $15.5 million (CAD).

The company has been quiet on the news front this year however we believe that’s about to change.

NexOptic’s technical support and marketing partners include tech giants Qualcomm (US $130 billion USD), Nvidia (US $310 billion USD) and ARM (US $31 billion USD).

With offices in South Korea, Canada and the U.S., they are partnering with leading software and engineering companies with expansive global reach.

In the medical imaging industry, where conditions for securing quality images can be less than ideal, but are “mission critical,” NexOptic’s A.I is already starting to make waves.

Further, NexOptic receives marketing support from Nvidia, Qualcomm and ARM, their distribution partnerships are expanding and also include Ntek Devices, FlexWATCH in Korea. A growing list of new commitments with strategic customers, partners and distributors with global reach and influence could be just around the corner.

A look into ALIIS™ – NexOptic’s AI technology

NexOptic’s keystone offering, ALIIS™ offers multifaceted imaging solutions that provide innovations for advanced image and video noise reduction able to significantly resolve ballooning bandwidth, streaming and storage costs (while significantly lessening energy dependence and environmental impact). Their technology also improves image performance and could increasingly play a big role in the proliferation of imaging technology across industries such as consumer, security & surveillance, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, robotics, streaming and retail. The company wants to meet its objective of announcing new partnerships and SaaS model and per unit commercialization agreements in the not to distant future.

So what does ALIIS™ actually do?

  • It enhances images along a variety of dimensions
  • It radically improves low-light performance
  • It allows you to see images & videos under extreme low-light conditions
  • It uses visible light for image which allows you to capture color and texture
  • Other technologies CAN NOT do this because they don’t use the visible spectrum
  • It also dramatically reduces motion blur (critical viewing of moving images)
  • When viewing images at a distance – It enhances image stabilization, by allowing faster shutter speeds
  • It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces file and bandwidth requirements for storage and streaming

    The bottom line: this has enormous value to high-growth market segments.

Video Overview – NexOptic “At A Glance”

Interview With NexOptic Chairman, Rich Geruson

Incredibly, Aliis™ can be deployed on the edge, the cloud or anywhere in between thanks to its extremely efficient and configurable design.

NexOptic (TSXV:NXO) should be on your watchlist. Here’s why.

  1. Insiders of the company including the CEO have recently been accumulating millions of shares. Showing insider support and belief in the future growth of the company.
  2. The company has been quiet on the news front this year however, we believe that’s about to change.
  3. Nex Optic is strategically partnered for development with titans of industry including: Nvidia ($767.4B), Arm ($44B), & Qualcomm ($186.2B)
  4. The company has a dynamic and pioneering team with previous success in bringing investors large returns. (12X from the current Chairman on his last deal)
  5. The AI industry is going to get a lot bigger, it could very well be the next trillion dollar industry. The market is expected over $390B USD by 2025. This represents a 46% compound annual growth rate.

NexOptic In Summary:

With the stock coming off a 52-week low and news flow / corporate developments anticipated to be forthcoming, we encourage you to check out their website and corporate presentation to learn more about NexOptic Technologies (TSX Venture: NXO, OTCQB: NXOPF).


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