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What Is

Hot Stock Alerts?

Get ready for pure, human-driven industry expertise. No bots, no AI, no algorithms. With our combined 45 years of experience in trading and investing in microcaps, we meticulously explore our networks and analyze our data daily to pinpoint your next big win.

We specialize in penny stocks, microcap stocks, and small caps across diverse sectors. Our quest is to unearth stocks that can realistically offer a minimum 10x return on your investment within just 6 months.

Achieving such capital gains isn’t a walk in the park; countless novice investors have lost fortunes in pursuit.



You will know what we are buying and when

Microcap and penny stocks present a distinct chance to accelerate your wealth rapidly. They’re not your typical blue chips or large cap stocks

– penny stocks can shoot up anywhere from 100% to an astonishing 2000% or more, in a relatively brief time span

But remember, with great opportunities comes significant risk. Investors can see their capital drop by 50% or more in a blink if not cautious.

That’s where we come in – the team at HOT STOCK ALERTS. With our nearly 45 years of collective penny stock investment experience, we’ve honed an unparalleled instinct for identifying stocks on the brink of making their next big upward move. Simply put, our expertise helps to safeguard your investment voyage into the exhilarating realm of penny stocks. Why gamble in unexplored territory? Let us navigate you to your next significant stock triumph.

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Never be overwhelmed by trading research again

Trading can be a stressful endeavor. It often involves pouring over countless charts, digesting an endless stream of market news, and sifting through mountains of data. It’s a reality that many investors have grappled with, ending up overwhelmed by the sheer weight of trading research. But what if you didn’t have to?

With HOT STOCK ALERTS, say goodbye to feeling overpowered by trading research forever.

🔔   2 Unique, Red-Hot Stock Alerts Per Month

📈️   Both US & Canadian Markets: CSE, TSX, OTC, etc.

🚀   Instant, Easy To Understand Alerts Pushed Directly To Your Device

Trading without help can be frustrating

Let Hot Stock Alerts make it effortless to you, see what the hundreds of other investors have said who use us.

The Choice Is Yours

100’s of hours of research, looking at charts, talking to people, watching video and more – all to sometimes not get even close to the results you are looking for investing.

We launched Hot Stock Alerts to give you an edge and help you escape the losing cycle in the markets.

We’ve spent years developing our strategies, methods to picking stocks, and spoken with 1000’s of CEO’s, Executives and C-Suite’s and know which companies win, and which will fail. (most)

Let us help ignite your portfolio, and bring some action into your financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I make my money back?

While we’d love to say “immediately”, stock market investing is a highly volatile activity whose success depends on dozens, if not hundreds, of factors on a micro and macro scale. Based on our extensive experience in trading (over 40 years) we take into account as many factors as possible to mitigate your risk and maximize returns, and focus on stocks we believe will skyrocket within 3-6 months.

How much do I need to invest with?

Penny stock investing does not require a lot of capital. Typically a broker requires a minimum investment of one board lot

What markets do you guys pick stocks on?

We focus on stocks trading on the Nasdaq, OTCQB, OTCQX, OTC in the U.S., and the CSE, TSX Venture and NEO exchanges in Canada.

Do you offer cancellations or refunds?

While we cannot offer a refund during a month that has been paid for, you may cancel the service at any time by sending an email to alerts@hotstocksreview.com with the subject Cancel

Why is my own strategy not getting me results?

Penny stock investing is among the riskiest on the planet. The markets are full of scams, pump and dumps, high cost promotions and dirty little secrets that the majority of investors will never be privy to. It takes several years, if not decades, to hone an intuition that can spot these “potholes” and avoid them. Our experience and vast global network of personal contacts puts us, and you, ahead of the herd and helps us achieve consistent, strong capital gains while limiting risk.

What brokerage should I use to trade?

The most popular method for investing in penny stocks is to buy and sell through a discount brokerage account. The most popular discount brokers in the U.S. include TD Waterhouse, Questrade, Charles Schwab or Etrade. In Canada, a discount brokerage account can be opened through your bank. NOTE: Robinhood and WeBull are limited in their stock offerings and may not list the securities we pick through Hot Stock Alerts.

Do you offer support?

We do offer support if you require any assistance you can contact us via our support page here


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